The 3 Best Note-Taking Apps to Use in 2020

Note-Taking Apps

The 3 Best Note-Taking Apps to Use in 2020

Be it a lecture or a media gathering; notes are an inevitable part of any such event. Taking down important points of the class is always the priority of a good student, which has been going on for several decades now. But the prevalent culture grew to become the pioneer to the innovations that are bound to take various other forms of convenience in the coming years. Notes are no more the pen and paper format; digital age has given a new face to it as well. The paper notepad from the past shifted to the small screens by holding onto the same name and has now diversified with many other features to boast of.

People started keeping their paper notepads and pens back home with the launch of highly convenient notepads on smartphones. It further simplifies everything that follows; accessing the notes is easy through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and so is searching for these files in your device with custom search options. Digital notes are undeniably the present culture and also the future until an advanced version hits the market. Here are the best note-taking apps you can use in this year that marks the beginning of a new decade.


1.      Evernote

Ones who are used to taking notes on their smartphone might be quite familiar with the app Evernote. Many of these people would go for the apps that come in default with the device’s software, but overlook the features that apps like Evernote have in store. A smooth organization of notes into notebooks is possible in Evernote, and also, they could be synced over two different devices. 60 MB of space is offered to all the free users for uploading their notes and other files to the cloud. Webpages and images can be clipped to the notes, text can be searched within these images, and the notes can be shared with other users and worked upon together. More advanced features such as higher storage and syncing capacity across more than two devices come your way with the Plus and Premium subscriptions. You can use Evernote on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.


2.      Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is claimed to have quality features that are similar to that of Evernote, except for the factor that these are available for free here. For the ones with an eye on business-related note-taking apps, Microsoft OneNote stands second to none. You get to sync your account with as many devices you want, necessitating any of the software such as Mac, iOS, Windows, or Android. Paid version privileges are also available on OneNote, with almost 1TB of storage space being provided to the users. Offline access is also possible on OneNote when you are not in a position to avail Internet services.


3.     Simplenote


You must go for Simplenote if you are looking for something similar to Evernote in terms of quality but has a minimal and clean interface. It is a stripped-down notes app which has substantially lower storage than Evernote but has high speed and efficiency to create notes and organize them. You can jump back to the previous version of your notes with the slider feature and make further changes to it if you want. Simplenote is available on iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Web, and Windows.

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