Swipe Down to Take A Note

We feel that having buttons makes any app redundant; so to take a new note all you have to do is swipe from top to bottom. And use the same technique to save the note. Quick and Easy.

Clean, Beautiful UI

We gave a huge chunk of focus on making the UI as beautiful as possible by using typography which will make it easy on the eye while being legible across all devices. Not to forget the counter which gives real-time information about the characters, words and paragraphs written.

Password Protect

You can keep your private data such as login credentials, financial details or even your million dollar idea. Secure your notes with a password lock which is prompted every time you start the app.​

Move, Share, Delete

We love to share what we create so once you swipe left on any note you’ll have icons which will help you share your note across different platforms, move to a different Bucket or delete it from the server completely.

Buckets to Organize

Buckets are like folders where all the notes can be stored. We tried making it simpler to organize your thoughts by putting them into Buckets. Tap on “Edit”, set a name for your bucket and start noting. We wanted to make sure that while organization was the key, equally we wanted every single note to be present in one folder named “All Notes.”


With Buno you don’t have to worry about losing your notes. All your notes are synced with your account and available on any other device that you login on.

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