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HelloWorldDev recently developed their first app, Buno – an abbreviation for BucketNotes. Buno was created with a goal to making buttons redundant. Thus we developed a gesture based UI that helps you take notes with just one swipe to start and save your thoughts. 

Buno syncs seamlessly with Android, iOS and Web making it easy to take notes on one device and continue editing on another device. Buno is equipped with an advanced sync- mechanism that syncs so quick that you won’t even notice it. Minimal interface has been design with a huge focus on Typography and Layout to avoid any distractions while taking notes. Like any other note-taking app, it helps you clip images from end to end making the layout look balanced. Be it writing an essay, content or a story; the real-time word, character and paragraph counter helps you keep a track of how much you are noting. 

Buno is making organising thoughts and ideas easy with their systematic bucket technique that helps you drop notes in different folders (buckets as we call it). If you are someone who isn’t fond of organising during the creative flow, swipe down and it’ll get saved in the Uncategorised folder so you can move, share or delete it anytime just by swiping left on the note. ​

Buno wasn’t designed to just look aesthetically clean but we even focussed on keeping your notes safe. We focussed on security by developing an advanced security system to encrypt your notes on the backend. Apart from that, you can easily turn on a simple 4-digit password to protect your notes from any unauthorised access. 

So swipe drop to take a note, and swipe again to save it. ​

Quick, Clean and Intuitive. ​​​

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